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Celia’s Story

Celia did her foundation at St Albans School of Art and then went on to Wimbledon to attend the BA Fine Art Painting Course. It was here she discovered her passion for print making, and continued at Wimbledon to study Post Graduate Printmaking. 




Celia exhibits regularly in a variety of locations including : 


  • The Royal Academy Summer Show 

  • Bloomsbury Gallery 

  • National Print Exhibition

  • The Mall Galleries

  • Society of Botanical Artists

  • Walk Gallery 

  • The Small Print Show

  • Leicester Print Workshop

  • Morley Gallery

  • Orleans House Gallery 

  • New English Art Club


The Process:


Etchings - To make an etching lines are etched into a metal plate with acid. I draw the image with metal tools through an acid - resistant ground this protects the parts of the image I don't want to etch . The plate is inked and wiped leaving ink in the etched lines and the surface clean . Damp paper is laid over the plate the paper and plate are then passed through the rollers of an etching press . The pressure forces the ink onto the paper leaving behind the image.


Lino cuts - These are relief prints, in relief printing the non-printing area of the linoleum block is cut away using gouges and other tools . The area to be printed is left raised and then rolled with ink paper is laid on the block pressure is applied either with a press or by rubbing by hand . The prints are then editioned.


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